DMS student lounge gets a facelift!

Dec 26th, 2012 | By Stephen Hinshaw | Category: Current Issue

The DMS student lounge is due for an update! The old couches are already gone – the Bulletin has been told that they are in a better place now…

So what amenities would get you to use the lounge if you already don’t? What features should be retained? Add your thoughts to the comments section before it’s too late!

a modest proposal

Inspiration for the Bulletin's proposed changes. Submit your own suggestions below.

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  1. The lounge is important for students! It would be great to have a place to accidentally run into fellow students, work on talks/manuscripts/quals/dacs/thesis stuff, and hold organizational meetings. I’m not sure the old lounge was really configured for all of those things.

    Wish list:
    glass doors/windows to the hallway
    keep the stove! – or at least the fridge and some way to heat up water
    tables that are level
    a computer terminal or two (for common use)
    a printer
    nice couches
    a screen and projector ready to hook up to pcs/laptops

    We’re excited to see this happening!

  2. A comfortable place with the necessary amenities would create a good experience for the students during their spare time. A well ventilated room, laptop so that when a student wants to research on their assignments they can browse right away .Of course tables and chairs that would accommodate students and any reading materials too.

  3. Cabinet space or locker space for student clubs to keep things that the club can use on a repeating basis – plates, cups, snacks etc, but that can be locked so that students who did not purchase the items would not take them.
    Keep the kitchen (sink, stove, microwave, fridge, and maybe oven?) so that food-centered events can still be run.

  4. we definitely need outlets on the wall with the couches!

  5. fresh home-baked chocolate chip cookies by Dr. Cardozo!!!

  6. I liked the image you used, but the gold trim would be a bit excessive, don’t you think. I notice from a previous commenter that “tables that are level” was a request, so it seem that most will be happy with some basic things like tables, a fridge, and hopefully some comfortable seating or couches.

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